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DC Faith Leaders Demand Gun Safety Legislation!

Several faith leaders from the DC area, some representing national congregations, gathered yesterday to demand legislative action to reduce gun violence. Rev. Thomas Bowen of the D.C. Mayor’s Office of Religious Affairs said, “Guns in fact, do kill people.” Well it seems to us that People kill People. Someone may use a gun, knife, or any number of other inanimate objects to accomplish their objective, but it’s the person that actually does the killing. A man or woman with a propensity to kill or injure will use what ever means is available to them at the time, homemade bomb, vehicle, poison, or even a number 2 pencil.

If you watch the national news, you know that people across the United States are murdered on a daily basis by means other than guns. So for once, lets talk about stiffening the penalty for these murderers and violent criminals, i.e., Death Penalty, instead of trying to regulate guns.

If you really believe that guns kill people, then I guess you may also believe that forks make people fat, pencils misspell words, and people make their cars drive drunk.

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Cyberterrorists Target First Responders

The United States intelligence community has recently warned First Responders and the agencies they work for  about the escalating efforts of cyberterrorists to target them and their missions.

The Joint Counterterrorism Assessment Team (JCAT), an alliance between the FBI, DHS and the National Counterterrorism Center, told first responders, “We assess with moderate confidence that cyber actors, including those who support violent extremism, are likely to continue targeting first responders on the World Wide Web by distributing their personally identifiable information for the purpose of soliciting attacks from willing sympathizers in the homeland, hacking government websites, or attacking 911 phone systems to hinder first responders’ ability to respond to crises.” This practice took on greater importance after a vulnerability was discovered in D.C. shortly before the presidential inauguration in January.

First responders are encouraged to report suspicious activity to law enforcement by calling the Multi-State Information Sharing & Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) Security Operations Center at 1-866-787-4722 or emailing

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MetroAccess Director… Fired

Metro does not officially comment on personnel matters; however, sources inside Metro confirmed that MetroAccess director, Omari June, was fired on Thursday amid a probe into the sexual and racial harassment of a subordinate female employee.

Mr. June was the focus of a 2015 lawsuit filed by Minkyung Kim, a former employee who was terminated in April 2014 after complaining about her treatment. Among other things, the lawsuit alleged that Mr. June often talked about sex in the workplace and bragged about the size of his genitalia. It also accused him of simulating sex acts in Kim’s presence and questioning her about the color of her skin. Court papers also revealed that Ms. Kim accused Metro of conducting a “Sham Investigation” because shortly after notifying her immediate supervisor who stated, “I’m sorry, I can’t control him”, she was falsely accused of insubordination on trumped-up charges and terminated.

Ms. Kim’s lawsuit against Metro, which was settled for an undisclosed amount in her favor, and complaints from other individuals about Metro’s handling of the allegations, prompted Metro’s newly appointed inspector general, Geoffrey Cherrington, to open the new internal investigation which led to Thursday’s dismissal of director Omari June. Scoop has it that other supervisors may follow June.

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Possible OUC cover-up! *A lawsuit in the making.

One of the more disturbing complaints we received by email, also outlined as a comment on our website is from a DC citizen who is accusing an OUC supervisor of sending harassing and threatening text messages by way of her government issued cell phone. She also informed us that you were previously advised of this matter but have yet to take any punitive action.,

The HR officials we contacted advised that several supervisory employees at the OUC, as well as other agencies in the District, were previously terminated for unbecoming conduct involving the misuse of their government issued phones. They also stated that supervisory government officials are held at a higher standard of integrity and should never participate in this type of activity on or off the job.

So, concerned citizens would like to know how you plan to proceed if the accusation is in fact true? We ask because city residents will most surly suffer another undue tax burden if a suit is filled and won by those former city supervisors, who were in fact terminated under similar circumstances, when they learn that the same disciplinary action “Was Not” rendered in this case.

Incidents like this can easily turn out to be another embarrassing mark on the City, the Mayor, and her administration. Remember, full disclosure and accountability in DC government is fundamental and a core value.

ps. we recently emailed the Director for her comment before this publication; however, she has yet to respond.

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Nope! Not in our town.

Hey folks, before we get started reading all your email, we felt the following incident needed to be shared. Click both links to watch the entire video and read the comments. Twitter is at 5000+ hits and still counting…

dangledThe actions of the police officer seen in the video above are a perfect example of why African American, Hispanic, and other minorities across the United States of America don’t trust the police.

Chief Lanier, is “Dangling” a new form of interview technique being taught now at the Police Academy? It wasn’t when I was on the job, and it seems as though “Community Policing” is dead in the District of Columbia.

This little lady obviously posed no threat to that officer or anyone else. But even if she was a prostitute like he thought or had committed some type of offense, when did hanging a suspect on the side of a squad car like you hang a painting on the wall become an authorized interview technique? What happened to this officer’s common decency and respect toward another human being, attributes that all police officers are supposed to exhibit? If DC police officers want respect they need to give respect regardless of a citizen’s race, creed, color or station in life, especially in these troubled times.

At the very least, this police officer abused his power of authority and exhibited behavior unbecoming in my opinion. Our staff lawyer seems to think that he may even be guilty of assault. Officers like this will only serve to place a dark cloud over the entire Metropolitan Police Department, and our city could eventually erupt in the same type of civil unrest, rioting, and violence witnessed now in other cities across the country.

Most certainly the District of Columbia will end up using our tax dollars to pay for damages awarded in any law suit that may result from this incident. This type of law suit hurts our city’s credibility, not to mention the hit taken by city residents in the form of increased taxes to pay for the senseless mistakes of city officials. The folks on Capitol Hill are probably sitting back, looking at this incident and other issues of governmental abuse and agency mismanagement across the city, laughing among themselves in private saying “so DC wants statehood, that’s a joke”.

Mayor Bowser, DC residents don’t want this type of policing to be allowed to permeate in the Nations Capital as it has in so many other cities across the country, so we urge you to send a swift and decisive message in this case by ordering the immediate termination of the officer seen in the video above. A posthaste and expeditious action on your part will serve to warn every sworn member of the Metropolitan Police Department that this type of aggressive activity will certainly Not be tolerated, and may ultimately incur prosecution under the law.

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