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911 Software trips up DC Fire & EMS.

A recent article by Andrew Mollenbeck reported that technical problems with the roll-out of new software, coupled with a lack of training, added confusion to the already embattled DC Fire Department, featured in the recent case of a choking toddler who waited while a paramedic unit sat in the firehouse, just 3 blocks uccaway, un-dispatched. While training is certainly necessary for fire department personnel, the end users of this new software, the Concerned Citizen has learned that there is a more systemic problem that begins at the DC Office of Unified Communications (OUC).

The OUC, better known as DC.911, is the agency responsible for the installation and maintenance of the computer aided dispatch system (CAD) and the technology/software that runs the system and all of its external components, and they have had recurring problems with those systems over the past several years now. Sources inside the agency tell us that, unbeknownst to the public, one or more functions and/or components of the system, which include, telephony, Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) and much more, fail or go off line on what seems now to be a daily basis.

The Concerned Citizen wants to know how many more city residents will have to suffer or die before DC.911 finally gets it right. Comment to let the Mayor know what you think.

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Caught on camera…

Norton_Park_jpgAs reported on Roll Call’s blog, an HOH tipster watched in horror Wednesday as D.C. delegate, Eleanor Holmes Norton (77), awkwardly forced her way into a wide-open spot in a carefully controlled corridor of New Jersey Avenue Southeast, between the Longworth and Cannon House Office buildings. The entire episode was caught on camera.

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No ambulance available… What!

An injured police officer waited approximately 30 minutes for a DC ambulance but an ambulance was never dispatched. This is just another of a number of recent incidents involving DC 911.

We’ve been informed that dispatch Supervisors at the Office of Unified Communications (911) are supposed to call neighboring mutual aidjurisdictions and request mutual aid whenever DC has no available units. according to a Mutual Aid Agreement with neighboring jurisdictions. Several ambulances were available, in PG County, less then 2 miles away from the incident. Why didn’t the dispatcher Supervisor on duty at the 911 center call PG and request an ambulance from Mt. Rainier, Cottage City, or Bladensburg I asked. Our contact replied, “No training and a clueless Director”.

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Police Officer/Pastor arrested.

It’s another sad day in the District of Columbia with the arrest of Officer/Pastor Darrell Best for sex crimes. Looks like the recent cloud that fell of the Fire department is now hovering over MPD.

It really appears that our public bestservices agencies in general are overrun with officials who are not in keeping with the laws they are sworn to obey and uphold.

The Concerned Citizen feels bad for the honest, hard working men and women of the Fire & Police service who risk their lives on a daily basis to ensure the safety of the citizens and visitors of our nation’s Capital. The officials in charge of these two departments need to find a way to regain the trust and respect of the city residents they serve.  What’s your feeling on this DC?

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When is enough enough?

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According to a Paul Wagner, FOX 5 news, the DC 911 (OUC) system failed again, now questions are being raised about the time it took to get help to a toddler who stopped breathing after choking on some grapes while the closest Fire and EMS paramedic was just three blocks away. That toddler is now in intensive care and fighting for his life. Mayor Bowser, the ball is in your court and concerned citizens want to know when do you think that enough is enough?

We feel that the 911/OUC director needs to be removed and replaced by the police and fire Chiefs respectively, and order needs to be restored to that agency immediately.

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