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Commentary by: Jillian A. Cohen |

I was recently approached by someone on the street in DC who was vending 5 gallon tubs of Tide laundry detergent from the trunk of a car for only $25 dollars each. I didn’t have the money on me at the time so I declined the offer and continued on my way. However, after getting back to my office, I did some research online and found the following…

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Alero Restaurant?

After hearing good things about the food at “Alero”, a Mexican restaurant in DC, our team here at The Concerned Citizen was all set to book reservations for our annual company luncheon, that is until we saw the news on Fox5 DC this morning advising that this company has a racist policy that requires their waiters to ask BLACKS for an ID & Credit Card and secure same before their food is even served. WHO DOES THAT? There’s no place in the District of Columbia for racism of any kind. We booked at “Cactus Cantina” on Wisconsin Avenue instead.

To read the entire article as reported, click here… Lauren DeMarco

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Thanks to our Mayor, Lyft and Uber will soon cost you more!

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser released her new budget proposal, which includes details on how the District would pay for Metro. More than $80 million would come from increasing taxes on sales, commercial property and ride-sharing services, such as Uber and Lyft. Under the $14.5 billion budget, DC would raise a handful of taxes to come up with a large chunk of the $178.5 million it would give Metro each year. More than $80 million would come from increasing taxes on sales, commercial property and ride-sharing services, such as Uber and Lyft.

Really Mayor Bowser, aren’t DC citizens already taxed enough? City services are terrible, residential parking is all but non-existent, and the ticket writers are like ravenous dogs lurking in the shadows waiting to strike. The city makes zillions from parking, red light, and speed camera tickets. Why are you asking DC citizens foot the bill for rebuilding “METRO” when Metro’s problems were caused by years of DC government mismanagement?

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We’re Back…

Hi folks, we’re finally back after a long summer break. Being volunteers for theThe Concerned Citizen most part, some of us were able to take much needed vacations with family and others, who do in fact have regular paying jobs and businesses to attend to, went about their normal daily activities.

We have received your email (lots), and we do plan to investigate and respond to each and every concern mentioned as soon as we get into full swing. We also hope to have a reporter from the Concerned Citizen at every city counsel hearing in the future, so city and agency officials get ready to be put on community Blast.

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DC to help residents pay for surveillance cameras.


Police say surveillance video helped track down the man charged in the shooting on North Capitol Street due to images captured by several Security Cameras on private residences and businesses in the area. Chief Lanier said that the North Capitol Street case is a perfect example where cameras can be extremely useful to police. So, the District has now adopted a Security Camera System Incentive Program that will reimburse up to $500 of camera costs to residents who purchase and install video surveillance equipment. The program was initiated by the D.C. Council earlier this year with a limited pool of resources.

Mayor Bowser said “Our security camera program continues to have funds available and we want people to call us so if we have an incident we can make a swift arrest.” DC residents can contact the program at or, by calling 202-727-5124.

The Concerned Citizen urges residents to call the number listed above and take advantage of this program while funds are still available.

Reported by:  Jillian A. Cohen |

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