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Contempt of Cop!

Young man killed as Park Police fire Multiple shots.

Released dash cam VIDEO shows U.S. Park Police officers firing nine shots into an SUV who’s driver left the scene of a traffic accident, where reportedly he was the victim, then motored off again twice after stopping for perusing officers. Bijan Ghaisar, of McLean Virginia, died approximately two weeks after suffering a fatal head wound.

This was a young man who was probably scared to remain stopped because of some over aggressive police officers beating on his car door and window while screaming at him and brandishing semi-automatic weapons in his face. Its no wonder he took off twice before the final stop that ended his life.

The Concerned Citizen thinks that this is a classic case of “Contempt of Cop”. The officers involved were infuriated because this young man had the nerve to disobey their commands.

Park Police POLICY states that a vehicular pursuit is authorized only when: “The officer has reason to believe a felony has occurred or is occurring, or the suspect presents a clear and immediate threat to public safety.” It also states: “The act of fleeing and eluding the police shall not in itself be a pursuable offense.”

The FBI is investigating the shooting.

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911 Dispatcher sends Fire/EMS crew to the wrong address.

Sources advise us of a security threat near the White House that involved officers of the Secret Service who encountered a man with a loaded gun in his car. DC’s 911 center (OUC) was called and DC police, fire, and ems units were also dispatched; however, the fire & ems units were sent to the wrong location.

An operator/dispatcher at the Office of Unified Communications was instructed to send units to Madison Place and H Street Northwest; however, the dispatcher sent the fire/ems units to Madison Street and 8th Street Northwest, causing a considerable delay in service.

Management at the OUC is aware of this failure in service and will investigate. The Concerned Citizen plans to  track this incident and update readers as additional information becomes available.

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