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MetroAccess Director… Fired

Metro does not officially comment on personnel matters; however, sources inside Metro confirmed that MetroAccess director, Omari June, was fired on Thursday amid a probe into the sexual and racial harassment of a subordinate female employee.

Mr. June was the focus of a 2015 lawsuit filed by Minkyung Kim, a former employee who was terminated in April 2014 after complaining about her treatment. Among other things, the lawsuit alleged that Mr. June often talked about sex in the workplace and bragged about the size of his genitalia. It also accused him of simulating sex acts in Kim’s presence and questioning her about the color of her skin. Court papers also revealed that Ms. Kim accused Metro of conducting a “Sham Investigation” because shortly after notifying her immediate supervisor who stated, “I’m sorry, I can’t control him”, she was falsely accused of insubordination on trumped-up charges and terminated.

Ms. Kim’s lawsuit against Metro, which was settled for an undisclosed amount in her favor, and complaints from other individuals about Metro’s handling of the allegations, prompted Metro’s newly appointed inspector general, Geoffrey Cherrington, to open the new internal investigation which led to Thursday’s dismissal of director Omari June. Scoop has it that other supervisors may follow June.

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