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Possible OUC cover-up! *A lawsuit in the making.

One of the more disturbing complaints we received by email, also outlined as a comment on our website is from a DC citizen who is accusing an OUC supervisor of sending harassing and threatening text messages by way of her government issued cell phone. She also informed us that you were previously advised of this matter but have yet to take any punitive action.,

The HR officials we contacted advised that several supervisory employees at the OUC, as well as other agencies in the District, were previously terminated for unbecoming conduct involving the misuse of their government issued phones. They also stated that supervisory government officials are held at a higher standard of integrity and should never participate in this type of activity on or off the job.

So, concerned citizens would like to know how you plan to proceed if the accusation is in fact true? We ask because city residents will most surly suffer another undue tax burden if a suit is filled and won by those former city supervisors, who were in fact terminated under similar circumstances, when they learn that the same disciplinary action “Was Not” rendered in this case.

Incidents like this can easily turn out to be another embarrassing mark on the City, the Mayor, and her administration. Remember, full disclosure and accountability in DC government is fundamental and a core value.

ps. we recently emailed the Director for her comment before this publication; however, she has yet to respond.

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  1. Tisa Sommerville says:

    Well it’s seems that the director have been making bad decisions since she been there which hasn’t been nothing But a hot minute. Well when Karima Holmes came on board within her first few weeks she was faced with investigating a call where a citizen was found UNCONSCIOUS. Advance life support was delayed because the dispatcher wasn’t paying attention. The call taker coded the call correctly, address was correct but the dispatcher was so engaged in conversation she didnt send a ALS, instead she sent BLS. With advance life support being delayed the man died. Her supervisor told her she needs to START paying attention. Just hold on that was incident #1,Almost 2 weeks later the same dispatcher was advised that a unit on the scene treating a patient was requesting A ems supervisor to be dispatched to their location. Well this time, she wasn’t paying attention, had gotten up to go on her break,never dispatched a ems supervisor and the person she relieved TOLD THE SUPERVISOR AND I QUOTE THEIR EXACT WORDS “THAT’S THE LAST HIT I’M GOING TO TAKE FOR HER”. Well Ms.Holmes detail the dispatcher to quality assurance and made the dispatcher a certified training officer. This lets you know how the mayor of Washington DC feel about her residents. Why is she appointing inexperienced people as agency heads?

  2. cc_911 says:

    The director has shown herself as a poor manager of little integrity and low morals. I guess birds of a feather. She has fired a couple of low level managers but has been protecting the very ones that have made this agency so bad. The recent power outage (8/28) at the OUC is the second major outage in six months where no backup systems worked. When you have an infrastructure that caves in every time something happens then you have to look at who’s managing it. Ms. Holmes, you have the power to greatly improve the environment and to make the OUC into the best call center in the country but, like you predecessors, you have dropped the ball and will soon be led out the door too.

    • DC_4ever says:

      Well, let’s separate the leaders from the followers. This is coming just months after another power loss incident where the same managers involved may have wasted tax payers money on a brand new backup system when the problem may have been installation and improper testing. Are they going to purchase another new backup system on the tax payers dime? How does this happen and the only person to lose his job is a low level contractor? The cities emergency center should have the same level of dependability in the back up system as a hospital. This agencies management is a disgrace.

  3. Tisa Sommerville says:

    Maybe she isn’t going to respond because she’s not familiar with the DPM, qualifications to train priority dispatch and she doesn’t know what’s suppose to take place on the fire side of the operations when the system goes down. There is a order in place for fire & ems operations that the OUC is supposed to put in place when there is a outage however it was only trained to one day work team on a Friday and that following Saturday there was a actually outage. I don’t know where Holmes come from but the doing a outage in DC the caller do not get a busy signal, the recording continues to tell the caller “Please Do Not Hang Up” and besides one outage was caused by Supervisor. The entire staff had to leave and go to the former call center on McMillan Dr, N.W which was another delay because as the employees was leaving the gate wouldn’t open. I came under DCFD and MPD dispatchers/calltakers was under MPD and they operated in a different location. I believe the two SHOULD NOT operate in the same building because of emergencies such as outages. Also Holmes have trainers that have not been to Oklahoma to become certified and don’t even meet the qualifications to purchase a airline to go to Oklahoma to become certified. To become a certified instructor it must be obtained through Priority Dispatch. To be a instructor for EMD (medical) You must be a paramedic, EPD (Police official) and EFD you must be a fire fighter official being a Sgt or up. There are some very bright intelligent dispatchers and calltakers at the OUT but is poorly treated by upper management. I heard that “It takes a village to raise a baby” but it doesn’t take a army to run a call center. Position after position being made up so ppl can keep there job. In the pass few 3 female supervisors was told by Holmes their services was no longer needed but hired more supervisors. Prior to letting them go Holmes held a supervisor meeting and making the comment “Some of you are not cut out to be supervisors and you know who you are” However Ms.Dione Boone send harrasing,senseless, harsh,degrading bullying text messages with one even speaking of a child committing suicide but you still have her in public safety and a supervisor. Not only do she leave the building for hours at a time without it being approved but it have been brought to management attention several times and as far as the text messages I emailed all of them to Karima Holmes. I fell sorry for my old employees that have to continue to work where they are not appreciated, you work so hard and it goes unrecognized. Holmes recently detail someone to quality assurance a higher position that delayed ALS for a UNCONSCIOUS male that later died. You have a director, assistant director, chief of operations and a operations manager. But you tell 3 supervisor their services is no longer need and counting the one you demoted but she retired. You moved Ed Washington into a position that all he do is walk around with a piece of paper rolled upped all day saying”What’s up slim” ,created a liaison position for Ingrid Bucksell, I guess that was to have her closer to you so she can help you. The fire side is tremendously short, still getting held over, patching ch, being called all day everyday for overtime and repeatedly “Saying No” but you let 3 supervisors go instead of making them dispatchers. Ask people what happened to others that HELPED Ms.Ingrid Bucksell helped out. IT’S SAD SHE DON’T WANT PEOPLE ON THE FIRE SIDE TO GET PROMOTED to a supervisor but they can act hen its convenient to the agency. But they good enough be a CTO. SMH I miss 99% of you guys.


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