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Seriously Chief Dean!

Commentary by: Jillian A. Cohen |

While contributing reporters at The Concerned Citizen rarely, if ever, comment on events that occur outside of the Norman-BrooksDistrict of Columbia, we must say that a decision to reassign and investigate a city firefighter, because of comments posted on his personal facebook page that may have violated department policy, is utterly ridiculous and has garnered our complete attention and concern.

Although we, as law abiding citizens, may not agree with the use of words posted in protest by firefighter Norman Brooks, following an obviously intense and emotional incident involving the shooting of a African-American man in Louisiana, we do; however, support the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which, by law, supersedes any local agency’s internal social media policy and gives firefighter Brooks the right to his freedom of speech.

The First Amendment: prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble, or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances”

Here’s a thought Chief Dean. How about investigating real issues such as; arson, mismanagement (the need to use contractors to service city residents due to a lack of manpower and medical apparatus), the inability of your department to keep up with the supplies and equipment necessary for personnel to perform their jobs efficiently, etc.

Maybe city officials need to investigate you Gregory Dean, considering that you, as Fire Chief, are ultimately responsible for the department’s fiscal inefficiency. Oh, did I mention the moral issues that have been allowed to permeate throughout the department for years. Maybe you, Chief, should investigate your management team to discover why the department has been managed so poorly over the years. In other words Chief Dean, citizens of the District think have a few more pressing issues that need to be addressed.

Furthermore, myself (recent law school graduate) and others at The Concerned Citizen believe that DC residents should not have to sit back and watch their hard earned tax dollars go to lawyers who are trying to defend the Fire Department against another law suit that is simply impossible for them to win.

Chief, firefighter Brooks did not commit a crime or break any laws that would warrant any criminal prosecution by the US Attorney’s office or punitive action by your department. Surely you don’t think that internal department policies can override rights guaranteed to every American by the constitution of the United States, do you? If so, let me tell you, that battle has already been fought and won in the highest court of the land. So let’s not infringe upon or deny fighter Brooks or any US citizen his or her constitutional rights, even though we may not agree with what is being said.

America is great, let’s keep it that way.

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  1. Tisa Sommerville says:

    The director at the 911 call center Karima Holmes do not take complaints from the citizen serious. I informed her that one of her supervisors Dione Boone harassed me sending several text messages via her government issued cell phone. It is illegal and zero tolerance to misuse any government equipment and is grounds for immediate termination. If it is allowed then Curtis shouldn’t have been terminated. I’m only guessing that Ms.Holmes didn’t take actions and gave Ms.Boone a tap on the hand because Holmes herself be in her office taking pictures and on social media on government time. Boone uses her government issued cell to take pictures and upload them on all social media. However Holmes recently let go 3 supervisors, she told them that their services are no longer needed but Boone send degrading, heartless and bullying text messages to me a resident of DC and absolutely nothing happens. Ms. Holmes was emailed every single text message sent to me by Boone. I don’t know why I expected more then a tap on the hand when Holmes detail a lead dispatcher to Quality Assurance that should have been held responsible for the death of a man that was found unconscious infront of 6D substation by delaying ALS. It seems like the 37 year old came in looking out for people with making up postions that never existed. So, if they feel you all are not in compliance with the general order referencing cell phones or any order its okay to give them friendly reminder. Hopefully one day they will get it right. I always said police dispatchers/call takers should go back under police dept and fire dispatchers/calltakers go back under fire & ems. In my opinion I always thought Mrs. L Sullivan was a good fit for the director of the OUC


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