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Metro’s GM drops the hammer!

Today, as DOT Secretary Anthony Foxx considered issuing an order to shut wiedefeld_managers_KKIdown the entire subway system, Metro’s new GM, Paul Wiedefeld, met with 650 of the agency’s mid and senior level managers in a closed door meeting. During the meeting, he ordered them to put safety first.

Weidefeld told his managers that certain phrases being stated such as; “They didn’t tell me”, “That’s not the way we do it”, and “This is the way its always been done” are now banned from Metro vocabulary.

At the close of the meeting, a flyer was handed out to each manager as he or she walked out and he reminded them that they are At-Will employees who can be terminated at any time without notice.

As Wiedefeld was leaving, he told members of the press that Metro managers now know exactly where I’m coming from. I laid out very specifically the types of things I’m expecting, so if they can manage to that level fine. If they can’t, they’re probably not a good fit for Metro and will be let go. The Concerned Citizen has learned that some managers are already pounding the pavement.

Maybe now Metro will finally turn a new leaf with Paul Wiedefeld at the helm.

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  1. DC_Metro says:

    Metro has been run like the a typical DC agency for all these years and is now making the hard decisions for the betterment of the agency and not the few. This is what the DC government does not want to do. I wish Jack Evans could be put on that list of those that need to be fired. If DC were under this type of scrutiny and a real leader were to step in at least 90% of all managers would be on notice.

  2. GREAT!!! says:

    Great start!!! He is letting the employees that are making decent money that , he will no longer allow them to make excuses with how things will be done or handled. I like it.


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