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“Disturbing Update” , to a recent 911 mishap.

If you remember, on January 20, 2016, the Concerned Citizen commented on a Paul Wagner/Fox5 exclusive report about a DC citizen who died after yet another delay in getting ALS paramedic assistance to a DC citizen.

Watch the VIDEO again and listen closely to Paul’s report. He says that according to Karima Holmesdirector Karima Holmes, the dispatcher in question had not refreshed her computer and was unaware that advanced life support was needed until A27 arrived on the scene and made the request.

Well folks, the Concerned Citizen has discovered through interviews and investigation that Karima Holmes either willfully misled city leadership and the public, or she was misled, lied to, and misinformed by the members of her administration charged with the investigation of this incident. However it happened, her Public Trust has been damaged.

Following are just 3 of the Facts that we’ve uncovered so far:

Number 1: According to transcripts of the incident and interviews with experienced Fire Department personnel, who are familiar with dispatch procedure, the police dispatcher indicated in her initial request for EMS that it was a male Unconscious and Not Breathing, which should have prompted the FEMS dispatcher, later determined to be a Ms. Robin Scott, to code and send an immediate delta-ALS response when she recreated the event for FEMS. Instead she coded the event as a bravo unknown, which only recommends a basic life support unit, and dispatched ambulance 27.

Number 2: OUC director, Karima Holmes, stated that the dispatcher, had not refreshed her computer. Well, our sources tell us that the CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system has an Update Button that turns red whenever new notes are added to any report. The dispatcher in question only needed to press her update button to see that CPR was in progress, her computer did not need to be refreshed. However, if Ms. Scott had read the notes and coded the original event correctly, an advanced life support unit would have been dispatched in the very beginning instead of finally being sent and arriving some 20 minutes or so after being requested by the police. We’ve also learned that failure to update your CAD is a violation of OUC policy and procedure, and in a serious case like this, where the death of a citizen is involved, the violation usually results in a lengthy suspension if not termination for “Neglect of Duty”.

Number 3: This may be the most disturbing fact of all. It’s bad enough that yet another citizen, 67-year-old Lawrence Brown, died as a result of a 911 blunder in the District of Columbia; but now, the Concerned Citizen has learned that the very same dispatcher, Robin Scott, who just neglected her duty and failed to follow written policy by not sending the appropriate response, which could have in fact helped to save Mr. Brown’s life instead of possibly causing his death, was recently promoted to the position of Quality Assurance Officer.

Are you kidding Ms. Holmes? Is this some type of a joke or have you indeed been misled by your managers? You mean to say that an employee under your watch gets promoted instead of punished for causing a delay in service which in-turn contributed to, if not caused, the death of a citizen.

A few months ago, and at your behest, the Concerned Citizen said we would withhold criticism and opinions until after you’ve had a chance to take control of your agency and make the necessary changes to correct internal problems and remove the divisive and unproductive managers which have plagued the agency for years; however, this latest fiasco and the ultimate promotion (not suspension or termination) of the employee responsible is simply ridiculous and has destroyed this organizations confidence in you and your public’s Trust.

Be advised Ms. Holmes: The Concerned Citizen will no longer stand by with commentary as you have requested. Enough is enough. Unless immediate and decisive action is taken by you to reverse this latest slap in the face of our citizens, we will notify the Mayor; City Counsel; local and national news media; wards and tax paying residents across the city; and yes, even the family of Mr. Brown.

Let it be known now that this organization intends to report and expose corruption and mismanagement by elected and appointed officials by any means necessary.

We urge any government employee with information pertaining to city officials and managers who abuse their power, through threats, intimidation, or the like, to help advance our cause and make DC great again. You can and will remain anonymous. Just email any information and/or documents you may have to…

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  1. Itdoesntmatter says:

    Let’s stand correct…..,can·di·date! a person or thing regarded as suitable for or likely to receive a particular fate, treatment, or position.
    “she was the perfect candidate for a biography”
    synonyms: applicant, job applicant, job seeker, interviewee;

    • Feed up with the Shenanigans says:

      As far as viable candidates that is truly a joke. People are being promoted in this building based on their relationships with upper management. As a employee at the OUC I feel the new director is being hoodwinked by the former operations manager on a daily basis. I am optimistic she will finally see the wolf in sheep clothing and realize that she must go. The moral on the operations floor is improving but employees are still in disbelief that Robin Scott is still going to be promoted to Quality Assurance when she only has one skill set (Fire Dispatcher). She has had 2 no paper incidents in which lives have been loss but she is still getting promoted. Knowing she has had no disciplinary actions for either incident is a complete smack in the face for everyone on the operations floor, but clearly it’s all in who you know that helps you get to the next level at this organization. LORD HELP US!!!!!!!

      • Feed up with the Shenanigans says:


      • Sad Situation says:

        She has folded. Coming from small towns in rural Texas, a small fraction of the size of DC, she is not ready for the level of unethical and ruthless politics of DC. She really has done nothing to address the culture of this rogue management that prevails in the agency. It is business as usual. So far my advice to her would be not to buy a house in DC without a backup plan because if you haven’t already learned, you can be made to look real bad by those that you have chosen to roost with. We’re headed down the road of Metro!

  2. S.E. says:

    “Instead of promoting from within first and picking the best qualified Canadates. ”

    For real?

    • Just tired says:

      I agree with promoting from within , but qualified is the key word! As I have watched within the last week a potential supervisor trainee , already starting out making the wrong verbal comments, is this what we will be looking forward to! We can’t afford to keep repeating the same cycle , with people that are more focused on personal gain

  3. Tisa says:

    Well, I don’t understand how in the hell do they expect for AMR to get anywhere in the city in 10 mins. If FEMS couldn’t do what makes them think AMR can? Who educated AMR on SOP’s? So my question is. If AMR make a mistake and a DC FEMS employee makes the same mistake will they get the same disciplinary actions?

  4. radio911 says:

    She listened to a lot of passionate, truthful employees spill their hearts out about the hostilities, incompetence and mismanagement that permeate the agency. She saw the hostile management in her first weeks there during the snowstorm, she sat by and watched someone get fired for making the mistake of showing loyalty to her and not a manager under her charge, she watched a citizen die under the poor judgement of her management putting a friend in a position that she was unqualified for and demanded no accountability but allowed her managers under her promote this person. Instead of investigating before a council hearing she took the lazy way out and repeated false information that she was told by her managers under her and afterwards demanded no truth or accountability. She saw under incompetent management a power outage where two generators did not work and when dispatchers were sent to the backup center the CAD didn’t work; the dispatchers, police and FEMS were on radio, pencil and paper for three hours with no accountability. It appears that she is distancing herself from the employees that wanted to believe in her leadership. She has shown no control over her managers under her as well as the gross spending to cover up for mismanagement. Her management does not respect nor do they support her and she will not listen to those that really care about the agency. They don’t take her seriously now because she is afraid to make the changes or take the leadership that she promised. I guess a couple of those big paychecks made her forget. if she keeps on the way she’s going she won’t be there very long.

  5. dumb ass says:

    The master is just rewarding her pet for her years of service, If memory serves me she gave her the position she is currently in. She provided her with the answers to the interview questions, while the rest of the employee’s wonder what she was studying. it was only after someone asked her, did she revealed what she had. Her pet is getting her reward for being a professional knife thrower. She kept her ears open and reported back to the Queen. She threw knives quicker and quietly into her coworkers backs, while smiling in their faces. While being ghetto is a perfect description of her, she accurate when she pick a target. She does not care who she has to step on over and through to get her piece of pie. As long as she get her coins. People often wondered how the Queen of the mountain always knew what was going on floor. Fools you were speaking into the mic, she may talked on the mic, in this instance she ate on the carpet of the Queen and the Queen like her floors clean. Its really funny when you think about, her cousin writes a job announcement so technical no one applies for it, she told to apply for it, even though she has never did anything in the announcement. I am willing to bet no one at communication applied or interviewed for that position other then her. All those that applied please say I applied. The Queen ordered her cousin to set this up and he did, he once said he could write anyone into a job. I most certainly believe you now. because you made something simple seem difficult so no one would apply. tell her to apply and she is hired. if the Director was trying to find some mess to get her on, she now have it, But OUC is a black whole and she is the Queen, the Director is under her will and command.

  6. Fed up says:

    I am a employee of this agency, and as I continue to sit in this work place daily, the moral! And integrity! Is going down the drain more.I can’t understand , who,why or what the problem is , that the new DIRECTOR! can’t seem to acknowledge after all of the complaints and meetings she has had who the source and problem is! It’s like a consistent plague , of repeat offenders with the directors who come to this agency , say a few good words in the beginning and get swamped into the continual mess of the operations manager and upper management! It’s very clear that the employees of this place are tired of the consistent bullying and lies, threats made by management . LETS TALK FACTS! This agency has multiple ill employees that love there job , but can’t perform effectively because they fear taking care of there health needs in retaliation of loosing there jobs! This job is no JOKE! and can cause many elmeants. Let’s talk about the hiring process that took place almost 2 years ago when another person in management MR .ALEX MORRIS! came on board another person affiliated with MS.INGRID BUCKSELL personally, hired several people , some prior dispatchers from other jurisdictions ,giving them priority and favoritism over the employees that where well deserving of a promotion , by making them take a skill test for a job they already perform! Instead of promoting from within first and picking the best qualified Canadates. MR. MORRIS! Had a motive and that was to use the new people like his favorite MS JATONDRA FAIR ! that claim she from another jurisdiction, worked on my section while she was in dispatcher training, skipped learning police calltaking which was a must for everyone that works here before being promoted to a dispatcher ! , to email or call and inform him what was taking place on the operations floor! When she couldn’t barely perform her job duties and also promised her a supervisors position!!!!! and she still walks around as if she’s entitled or owed something! Bottom line these a just a few examples of the multiple screwed up things that take place in this agency! MS.HOLMES something must be done ! Please enough has been enough!

  7. As a district resident knowing someone who work there, you would think it was on TV. I know first hand information that the OUC management Is disfunctional. With Ingrid Bucksell leading them it’s the blind leading the blind. The fire dispatchers are overworked. The fire dispatchers run their operations by themselves with no supervisor only the police managers over looking them. The Call takers are overworked, they fill Calltaker positions with over time because they are burnt out and don’t have proper breaks. The union had an agreement with Ms Holmes concerning the breaks but Ms Ingrid Bucksell told them not to enforce it. Ms Holmes with Ms Bucksell in control of your managers she will sabotage your whole operations. The managers are scared to speak up to Ingrid Bucksell. No one wants to work for her because they feel she will retaliate if they don’t do what she say. She is a bully. The only person she recognizes is her cousin Ms Robin Scott. The nepotism in the work place must stop. Ms Holmes please listen to your people and show them your on their side with doing the right thing. You have great people working there.

  8. jv_grossman56 says:

    As a citizen of the District of Columbia and a taxpayer, my tax dollars help to pay the salaries of our elected and appointed officials. I believe I deserve an explanation as to why this happened and who authorized the promotion of this individual. But please, no more lies.


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