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Interim Director Gets Confirmed

confirmationOn Thursday, January 7, 2016, Mayor Muriel Bowser announced the appointment of Karima Holmes as interim Director of the DC Office of Unified Communications, better known as DC-911.

In a public hearing held today, by the Committee on the Judiciary, regarding resolution PR21-0545, Karima Holmes was confirmed as Director, to serve at the pleasure of the Mayor.  Congratulations!

Ms. Karima Holmes, Director, DC Office of Unified Communications.

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Smack Down at the OUC?

Thanks to a recently emailed tip, the Concerned Citizen has learned of an incident that smackdown1reportedly took place a couple of weeks ago at DC’s unified communications center.

It appears that just as the new director, Ms. Karima Holmes, is attempting to normalize operations at the OUC, a disturbing incident occurred inside the 911 operations center that involved one employee physically punching another.

Upon further contact with sources on the inside, we were informed that the combative employee has been placed on administrative leave with pay, and that assault charges may have been filed with MPD.

As always, the Concerned Citizen will continue to monitor the situation, as we receive and investigate your tips and inside information, so as to keep the tax paying residents of the District of Columbia informed.

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