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911 Director Speaks Out!

The Concerned Citizen is happy to announce that Office of Unified Communications Karima HolmesDirector, Karima Holmes, spoke out yesterday with some encouraging news, in a reply to Jillian A. Cohen’s commentary; entitled,

“911” … Is it a joke in this town?.

We are pleased to share her response with the dedicated dispatchers, radio operators, and call takers who work tirelessly at the DC 911 center.

Always remember, no matter what you may be told, your right to free speech is protected by the 1st amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

KHolmes says: February 1, 2016 at 18:43

Hello All. This is Karima Holmes the acting Director of OUC. Thanks for the comments and bringing this to my attention. I take these things very serious. As you may know this is just my third week in the district (the first week was during the Blizzard, eek!). But rest assured, I am absorbing all the information I’m receiving; particularly, info I can use to develop and maintain a proper functioning PSAP for our nation’s capital. I have had a career in public safety communications for over 15 years now and have had the misfortune of working in a mismanaged, uncomfortable work environment. I will not allow that to happen under my watch. As a leader, I assure you I will seek out the toxicity, correct or eliminate it. I have dedicated myself to evaluate this center from the personnel to the procedures and filter whatever/whomever proves to be counter productive to the ultimate goal of providing emergency communications and customer service(s) to the District’s citizens, responders and visitors. Lastly, I ask that you allow me grace to do my due diligence and fully investigate the root. Thanks

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