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Police involved shooting leaves a man dead.

IMG_10351Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck said an officer, just months out of the academy, attempted to stop a man, just after 2 a.m., who was acting suspiciously near the intersection of 53rd Street and Clay Terrace. The man started to run but stumbled and fell to the ground losing his weapon. Chief Lanier stated that the officer told the man to leave the gun on the ground, but the man ignored the officer’s commands and was shot once and later died at Prince George’s Hospital Center.

Police involved shooting, Black man – White officer, is this racial? The concerned citizen thinks not. Listen folks we’ve heard the rumblings out there, but when a police officer tells you not to go for the gun on the ground that you just dropped, you’d be well advised not to move an inch. And the fact that the gun in question was later discovered to be a BB gun means absolutely nothing.

It’s unfortunate that this man died, and you guys know that the Concerned Citizen would be the first to point out injustice by any government agency or official; however, racism, abuse of police powers, none of these injustices seem to rear their ugly head in this case. So lets tell it like it is, this guy was just WRONG and the officer involved is JUSTIFIED.

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  1. Kyle says:

    First and foremost there is no way to tell if this was or not the only information you seem to have is coming from one source. And as a lifetime resident of the district it is a know fact that police officers nationwide not only in the district cover Thier own asses .


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