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Questionable Supervision at DC’s 911 Center?

Yet again, we’ve heard some disturbing allegations from inside sources at the DC Office of Unified Communications (911) advising that some employees are being singled out, harassed, and/or retaliated OUC_Logo2against by a certain Operations Manager who has been described as a very vindictive lady. They say that she manages both police dispatchers and 911 operators but can’t do their jobs herself. Among the host of complaints we’ve received about this woman, the following is most egregious and, if found to be true in any way, calls for her immediate termination.

The following report is disheartening and really resonates with staff here at the Concerned Citizen.

On Monday, January 4th, 2016 at approximately 6:20 p.m., an adjustable desk in the 911 operations center somehow collapsed, crushing the arm of a dispatcher. Several employees of the OUC and the Fire and EMS department witnessed the incident and helped the dispatcher get her arm free. However, we’ve checked, and at the time of this article its been almost 17 days but none of the required on-job injury report forms have been sent to Corvel by any of the employee’s supervisors. Corvel is the agency that handles workers compensation claims for the District of Columbia. Meanwhile the injured employee reported back to 911 on light duty but was told there was no light duty assignments at the OUC and was sent home on forced sick leave. Our inside source advised that the employee’s immediate supervisor is a Ms. Boone, who reports directly to a Ms. Bucksell. Most certainly one or both of these supervisors, who combined make well over 160 thousand of our tax dollars per year according to published records, should have taken care of that paperwork immediately. However, because neither of the two supervisors mentioned above have bothered to complete the required paperwork, the injured employee has been unable to make an appointment to be seen or treated by the recommended orthopedic specialist. That paperwork is what’s needed before Corvel can approve the WC case and subsequent payment of doctors and medical expenses. This certainly seems like another lawsuit in the making, especially if this employee should sustain further or even permanent damage as a result of the delay in receiving the proper specialized orthopedic services needed. If so, the hard earned tax dollars of DC residents will surely be used to foot the bill, which is simply unacceptable.

Here’s is interesting part. The Concerned Citizen has discovered that just a few years ago the injured employee in question, who is Caucasian and from Spain,  filed a EEO case against Ms. Bucksell that involved racial comments and intimidation that began after said employee married a former confidant and love interest of Ms. Bucksell. Now is this Retaliation? Maybe, what do you think? The Concerned Citizen will continue to follow this story and report on it’s outcome.

Mayor Bowser/Director Holmes, change is both internal and external, but real change always starts from within. When are concerned citizens of the District of Columbia going to see Real Change?

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  1. john johnson says:

    Regardless, if her husband was fired or not. Under labor relation laws it is required to file a WC claim within a certain period of time after the accident. And who is to say because of the love triangle Ms. Bucksell didn’t get him fired. Don’t miss the point here and get hung up on definitions and etc. This woman was hurt on the job and it should have been recorded properly……and that’s law.

  2. dcgetitrite says:

    This deep neap sh.t ! Looking forward to reading more. So I wonder who’s going to take this to News…. I only seen two on TV that’s was brave enough. This sh..t is better than Atlanta Housewives…🙌🏻

  3. REALLY says:

    First of all, I am aware what Spaniard is. This particular employee is of Spanish descent. Please don’t come for me, unless I send for you. Bye ten3zero.

    • ten3zero says:

      What are you saying? Uhm, let’s see. You said… #1 She is a Spaniard… #2 She is of spanish decent… #3 She is not white. Ok then, ill bite, what is she? History tells us that Europeans are Caucasians, and thus white. Did you even study history in school you idiot.

      • ten3zero says:

        Here are some Definitions for ya “Really”.

        ˈspanyərd/ noun – a native or inhabitant of Spain, or a person of Spanish descent.

        Caucasian (kɔːˈkeɪzɪən; -ʒən) a White person; widely used to refer to people of European origin or people who are White. One of the traditional racial divisions of humankind.

      • LOL says:

        I can tell that you lack intelligence; to result to name calling. If you want to educate someone (as you think that you are) LOL….than you should be able to do it without name calling. Again, the employee that you are trying to help out is of Spanish descent; which means that she is of a Spanish culture. This woman is not European. And to answer your question, I see why your not that bright because you only studied false school history. Expand your horizons.

  4. dcslim says:

    That’s crazy, she should sue.

    • Give me a break says:

      Don’t be to quick to agree. The writer forgot to mention her husband was a supervisor at the agency and he was fired. Some of those people at that agency are off their rockers. By the way, she is not white; but Spaniard and her husband is black.

      • ten3zero says:

        If she is a Spaniard as you say, then she is a European born in Spain which makes her a Caucasian (white). Check your history book before you comment so you don’t appear dumb.


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