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911 Dispatcher fails to send appropriate response… Man dies!

According to an exclusive report by Paul Wagner of Fox5 news, early last Sunday morning, D.C. police officers found a man on the street unconscious and not breathing. They radioed for help, telling dispatchers at the 911 center they were beginning CPR. Help was then sent, but it was not what the cops were expecting. Karima Holmes, director of the Office of Unified Communications stated that personnel at the 911 center knew CPR was in progress, but the dispatcher had not refreshed her computer and was unaware that advanced life support was needed until Ambulance 27 arrived on the scene. The patient, identified as 67-year-old Lawrence Brown, was taken to the United Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. The Concerned Citizen has been advised that what really happened is that the dispatcher in question failed to send the proper response because she ignored the flashing red update button which indicates additional information. Sources also advise that this dispatcher is a close friend of the operations manager, Ms. Bucksell, and was promoted to what’s known as Lead or senior dispatcher without taking any type of promotional exam, usually given before a raise or promotion is considered, based on that friendship. Ms. Holmes, don’t be fooled or led down the wrong path. Remember what we said previously… “Real change always starts from within”.

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  1. The Public Speaker says:

    Mistakes are made by humans. To my understanding this dispatcher is a human like the rest of us. But you can not say that if a medic was dispacthed this patient would still be alive. There are CPR’s everyday in the district where medics are first to arrive and the end result is still a fatality. That just goes to show the ignorance and hatred that is being directed at OUC on this site. Its baffling that these concerned citizens have so much output on what goes on on the inside of OUC.

  2. ten3zero says:

    Cops 1 | Dispatcher 0
    Thanks God for the heroic efforts of the police, if a medic had been sent initially this man may have still been alive. Condolences to his family and friends


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