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“Ingrid Bucksell” Where do you stand?

The Concerned Citizen has written many articles in reference to City Officials and Government Agencies over the years, but none more prevalent then the Office of Unified Communications (DC 911), and the abuse demonstrated by a certain supervisor by the name of Ingrid Bucksell. In a recent comment, one follower disclosed that the OUC recently hired her cousin as the Human Resource Director, and that he helps her to perpetrate the abuse by creating and promoting a Fear Mentality among union employees throughout the agency. The 2 mentioned above make employee’s afraid to speak up for fear of losing their job through some trumped up charge like “AWOL”, just because some employees couldn’t report for duty after the record snowfall. You two cousins knew the snow was coming and should have known there would be a very high probability staffing shortages due to same. It sounds to us like the Operations Manager failed to plan accordingly.

We just don’t get it!  Oh, well here’s a few thoughts for ya… People were snowed in, people first had to dig out of their homes, people couldn’t drive even if they did dig out their car because a city plow didn’t get to their street yet. It’s hard for a man to dig out much less a woman, did you hear that over 25 people died trying dig out this year. It would be Ridiculous and Foolish to punish employees for not getting to work. Our tax dollars served by hiring competent Managers to run the OUC.


The Concerned Citizen has decided to create an anonymous Poll to show Director Holmes and the Mayor just where OUC employee’s stand on the approval or disapproval of the Operations Manager, Ms. Bucksell.

Make your recommendation on the Pop-up…  > > > >

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Two DCFD lieutenants are under fire.

(1.) Lt. Guy Valentine who was facing neglect of duty charges in the response to a toddler choking on grapes, is still on the job because his retirement has been DCFDpatchplaced on hold due to new rules and regulations recently passed. Lt. Valentine has declined to make any comments.

(2.) Lt. Earl Walker was arrested Friday morning and appeared in federal court in the afternoon after being indicted by a grand jury in Pennsylvania on charges of Child Pornography. The 21-year veteran of the department who is assigned to Engine 22 on Georgia Avenue in Northwest D.C. said nothing other than acknowledging the judge and the charge against him.  What’s your thoughts on these two DC?

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Good Samaritan fights off attacker in DC

Hey folks! Remember the story we posted on March 30, 2015, about the young man who scared off a would be rapist. Well we’re still hoping to raise $1000 as a reward for his bravery. Please help if you can… Go Fund Me

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“911” … Is it a joke in this town?

Commentary by: Jillian A. Cohen |

We’ve featured several reports over the years calling for real change, both jacinternally and externally, at DC’s 911 center. Citizens of the District have seen a host of Directors paraded through the communications division since it was taken from under the control of the Police (MPD) and Fire (DCFD) chiefs respectively and the Office of Unified Communications was established. Which, in my estimation, was the worst decision ever made by a Mayor. Its seems as though money was the motive instead of citizen concern and our citizens have suffered ever since.

Unless the aforementioned decision is reversed and the chiefs are restored to full control or the new Director initiates serious and immediate change, I fear that 911 will continue to be a JOKE in DC and our citizens will continue suffer and die, which is not a joke at all.

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City officials injured in shooting.

A spokes person from the Metropolitan Police Department advised that two D.C. government officials, who remain unnamed at the time of the report, werempd victims of a shooting that happened on Monday night along Eaton Road SE around 7:30 p.m. Both victims were conscious and breathing when police arrived on the scene. EMS later transported 1 man and 1 woman to a local hospital. Further details will be posted as soon as we get an update from MPD.

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