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Good Samaritan fights off attacker in DC

The brave and heroic act of a young DC man helped save a woman dc citizen herowho was being raped on 16th Street NW in Washington, DC. – While on his way home, Ketrell Ferguson happened upon an assault in progress where a woman was being raped. Mr. Ferguson risked his own life by picking up a stick and a brick and repeatedly hitting the suspect who ran but was later caught by police. – Court documents accuse 23-year-old Alemen Gonzalo of both sexual abuse and kidnapping. Ketrell says he doesn’t want to be called a hero, but by any measure of the word that’s exactly what he is. The Concerned Citizen thinks our city needs more young men like Ketrell Ferguson who dare to take a stand against crime instead of just turning a blind eye. To see the entire Fox 5 article and video, click the picture above…

We believe that young men like Mr. Ferguson deserve a monetary award of appreciation from citizens in the community who benefit from these types of selfless acts of heroism, and we have established a Citizen Hero Fund for that express purpose. We sincerely hope that our citizens and viewers will contribute. To donate click here… Go Fund Me

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911 Software trips up DC Fire & EMS.

A recent article by Andrew Mollenbeck reported that technical problems with the roll-out of new software, coupled with a lack of training, added confusion to the already embattled DC Fire Department, featured in the recent case of a choking toddler who waited while a paramedic unit sat in the firehouse, just 3 blocks uccaway, un-dispatched. While training is certainly necessary for fire department personnel, the end users of this new software, the Concerned Citizen has learned that there is a more systemic problem that begins at the DC Office of Unified Communications (OUC).

The OUC, better known as DC.911, is the agency responsible for the installation and maintenance of the computer aided dispatch system (CAD) and the technology/software that runs the system and all of its external components, and they have had recurring problems with those systems over the past several years now. Sources inside the agency tell us that, unbeknownst to the public, one or more functions and/or components of the system, which include, telephony, Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) and much more, fail or go off line on what seems now to be a daily basis.

The Concerned Citizen wants to know how many more city residents will have to suffer or die before DC.911 finally gets it right. Comment to let the Mayor know what you think.

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Caught on camera…

Norton_Park_jpgAs reported on Roll Call’s blog, an HOH tipster watched in horror Wednesday as D.C. delegate, Eleanor Holmes Norton (77), awkwardly forced her way into a wide-open spot in a carefully controlled corridor of New Jersey Avenue Southeast, between the Longworth and Cannon House Office buildings. The entire episode was caught on camera.

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Summer outdoor movie series returns to DC.

canalparkpoint13The Capitol Riverfront at Canal Park has announced it’s schedule for the 2015 Thursday night outdoor movie series that runs from June through August. Movies usually begin at sundown; however, citizens are urged to arrive around 7 p.m. Free and Open to the Public  Click here for dates, movie titles, and additional information.

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No ambulance available… What!

An injured police officer waited approximately 30 minutes for a DC ambulance but an ambulance was never dispatched. This is just another of a number of recent incidents involving DC 911.

We’ve been informed that dispatch Supervisors at the Office of Unified Communications (911) are supposed to call neighboring mutual aidjurisdictions and request mutual aid whenever DC has no available units. according to a Mutual Aid Agreement with neighboring jurisdictions. Several ambulances were available, in PG County, less then 2 miles away from the incident. Why didn’t the dispatcher Supervisor on duty at the 911 center call PG and request an ambulance from Mt. Rainier, Cottage City, or Bladensburg I asked. Our contact replied, “No training and a clueless Director”.

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